Manitoba BOLD

The Manitoba BOLD campaign was born out of a desire to elevate our sights and engage Manitobans in a discussion about their province and its future leading into the next provincial election. 

The Chamber met with hundreds of members of the business community to get their opinions on what they believe needs to be done to increase prosperity for all Manitobans.

We asked a simple question… 

“What is your BOLD idea for Manitoba”? 

We quickly learned that not only did Manitobans have some great ideas for this province but there was an overwhelming sense that Manitobans are ready for a BOLD vision. 

They told us that it’s time to be BOLD and focus on growing our economy, creating jobs and leveraging our strengths through a strategic, focused and results driven approach.

The focus of Manitoba BOLD is to bring together a policy framework that will serve to create jobs, drive investment and increase prosperity for all Manitobans...

"No Time to Tinker"

Think BOLD:  A Complete Re-Invention of the Revenue Model

"A Lean Mean Machine"

Think BOLD:  Build a High Performance Provincial Government

"Power to the People"

Think BOLD: Time for the Owners of Manitoba Hydro to Receive a Dividend

Manitoba: Canada’s Start up Nation

Think BOLD: Increase the number of businesses in Manitoba by 50% over the next decade

Think BOLD: Double the number of head offices in Manitoba over the next decade

The Manitoba Advantage is “Clean and Green”

Think BOLD: Manitoba Becomes a World Leader in Clean Energy through an expanded Manitoba Hydro

Think BOLD: Manitoba is an environmental leader in Canada through the development of Green Technology

Manitoba: Canada’s Creative Capital

Think BOLD: Build a Creative Campus

Think BOLD: Encourage Communities to Adopt Creative Planning Principles

Think BOLD: Commit to Developing and Attracting Creative Talent

Think BOLD: Build the Creative Sector

Manitoba’s Transportation Advantage

Think BOLD: That Manitoba fully leverages CentrePort Canada to become a World Leader in Transportation.

Think BOLD: That the Province of Manitoba places a greater focus and investment on economic opportunities in Northern Manitoba.

Think BOLD: The Province of Manitoba develop a long-term strategy to address Manitoba’s municipal infrastructure needs.