Manitoba BOLD

Where do you want to see Manitoba 10 years from now?

How about in 20 years?


Election 2016 offers Manitobans an opportunity to determine, not in the short-term governance of our province, but where we as a community are going, to what purpose and what change is required to build a successful future.

A strong and consistent message emerged from research into best practices, here and abroad, and from engagement with community thought leaders—in particular with youth and emerging business leaders: Manitobans want a compelling reason to be excited about the future of Manitoba and their place in it.  

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The Document: Hundreds of Manitobans have contributed to this crowd-sourced vision document—a grassroots, ‘made-in-Manitoba’ expression of our community’s aspirations for Manitoba.

The focus is broad by design: the document is comprised of 200+ ideas, three pillars (Invest in our People, Strengthen our Place, Define our Plans & Priorities) and 46 sub-categories.  

Watch, listen, share and engage: How do you make the 50-page Manitoba BOLD document user-friendly? To help bring context to Manitoba BOLD ideas and make the document as accessible as possible, we are getting personal by telling stories.

Check out the daily videos, radio segments and op-eds that break BOLD down into bite-sized pieces.  


Get engaged: Manitoba BOLD is more than a document on paper. It's a movement. From a Leadership Debate, to community outreach, meetings with political parties and hosting BOLD-related meetings across the city, there are no shortage of initiatives and events that are bringing BOLD to life.

What is #ManitobaBOLD? Through four years of engagement with community thought leaders and research into best practices (here and abroad), Manitoba BOLD sets out an ambitious vision of our future and the steps we must take today.