Leadership Winnipeg

Shaping tomorrow’s leaders today

Leadership Winnipeg provides experiences that inspire and help individuals to develop an understanding of themselves, their community and their role in it.

The program is about being given a “backstage pass” to our city and providing a unique, first-hand perspective on what’s happening in our community. It’s about making introductions and connections, and developing skills and knowledge.

Since 2004, Volunteer Manitoba and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce have partnered in offering the 10-session leadership program, which runs from September through June. 

For more information contact Wendy Stephenson (204) 944-3317.

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Find out how you can be a part of Leadership Winnipeg.
Receive university or college course credit.  
The Team 
Learn more about the people behind the program.
The Project
Leadership Winnipeg students undertake a project each year.